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19. Jun, 2010  Written by: Jamie Davis 


This is the first post of the Jacksonville Tenth Amendment Center.

This chapter has been started to provide a local rallying point and educational resource to help you reach your friends with the message of liberty. The message, the content you will find here will be national and local. We will cry and rejoice with the liberty efforts of other chapters. We will dig deep into our local issues and expose unconstitutional laws and will educate you on what local candidates believe about the constitution in general and the 10th amendment in particular. The content will be good, meaningful, well researched and it will be powerful enough to take our country back.

But the message will not get out unless you get it out.

Look closely at my title, it is volunteer coordinator. It doesn’t say manager, director, vice president, president, or CEO. Although I have held all of those titles at some point in my life, none of those titles is as meaninful to me as the title vounteer coordinator for the Tenth Amendment Center. Why ? Because it is truly an honor to serve with you in order to re-secure the liberties that our founders fought and died for, for our kids and grandkids. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Yes, it must be us, and it must be now, and we must win, for “liberty once lost is lost forever” John Adams.

What can you do?

Right now, you have the freedom of speech. But it too is under attack. The FCC is currently reviewing policy that will give them regulatory power of the internet and its content. Use the time that you have and the freedom you have now wisely. The internet is a powerful tool for information disimination. Those who want to consolidate power and limit free speech know this and they are rightfully worried about the possiblility of an informed voter coming to the polls this November.

1) Build your network

Perhaps you think of social networks like Facebook , Ning, Twitter, and Linkedin as ways to share life updates and pictures with your family or a way to keep in touch with your 5 best friends from high school that have scattered across these great United States. I’d like to challenge you to think of it as a networking and information disimination tool. You should only add people you know as friends, but if you add them purposefully and proactively your ability to spread the word will go up exponentially.

2) Throw out your policially correct inhibitions about talking politics and policy

The conventional wisdom and currently prevailing social mores is that there are two topics you should never discuss in mixed company: religion and politics. Its time to realize that those who want to centralize power and seize our liberties do not conform to prevailing social mores. There is a war on for the hearts and minds of Americans and the rules of engagement are simple, in fact there is only one rule: ENGAGE in meaningful conversation with people who respect your opinion!

In the times preceding the declaration of independence and the times following the american revolution, citizens took their civic duty seriously and water cooler talk was often about principles that impacted governance and freedom. The freedoms we have enjoyed since then have been made possible by their boldness and their willingness to be vigililant about shaping public policy and holding their leaders accountable. Since then, with the advent of policial correctness, an environment of political pacificism has enabled the ruling class to govern without our consent and contrary to the constitution. Let’s stop being silent enablers of soft and gradual tyrrany. ENGAGE!

“The price men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

3) Hit the “Share” button at least three times a week.

Review the content that the Jacksonville Tenth Amendment Center makes available and carefully consider it. Is it accurate? Is it important? And if it meets those criteria and your agreement, please pass it on and include a quick personal note as to why you think its important for people to read it.

There are many other great sources of information, many other great causes, but I would ask you to make your “sharing” of the Tenth Amendment Center content a high priority for the following reasons:

  • Because power corrupts, the framers of our constitution designed our government to have checks on any one group amassing too much power.
  • The Federal Government has been growing its power unchecked through the administrations of both major policial parties for decades now.
  • The Tenth Amendment is THE most powerful “check” on the power of the Federal Governemnt
  • This November will be the most important election in our lifetimes, time is clearly of the essence.   

I am honored to serve with you,

Jamie Davis

Volunteer Coordinator (ahem)

Jacksonville Tenth Amendment Center

Andrew Nappi is the State Coordinator for the Florida Tenth Amendment Center. He lives in the Tampa Bay Area with wife Tammy and dogs Emma and Bud Lite.

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