HR 1207 Hall of Shame

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“Yesterday, the House rejected Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed by a vote of 198-229. The Audit was included in a Republican motion to send the Dodd-Frank Fed Empowerment Act (H.R. 4173) back to committee.”- John Tate,Campaign For Liberty

The FED continues to wield power in Congress. Even some co-sponsors of HR1207 voted against it. It seems as if the enemies of freedom and liberty are in a lemming like mode to continue the weakening and hollowing out of what remains of our Constitution. Their purses are lined and re-election does not really matter any longer. They have done their part to further the betrayal of the Founder’s ideals. The promise of comfort and esteem in their transformed nation is enough to salve any thoughts of shame and disgrace.
Sadly, there are few heroes in either political party with the courage to stand up to this along with Congressman Paul. Party agenda’s dictate just how far even those “on our side” will go in the interest of Original Intent.

Bobby Bright – AL-2
Ed Pastor – AZ-4
Raul Grijalva – AZ-7
Marion Berry – AR-1
Vic Snyder – AR-2
Jackie Speier – CA-12
Pete Stark – CA-13
Zoe Lofgren – CA-16
Sam Farr – CA-17
Brad Sherman – CA-27
Adam Schiff – CA-29
Judy Chu – CA-32
Jane Harman – CA-36
Laura Richardson – CA-37
Bob Filner – CA-51
Jared Polis – CO-2
John Salazar – CO-3
Ed Perlmutter – CO-7
Joe Courtney – CT-2
Christopher Murphy – CT-5
Allen Boyd – FL-2
Corrine Brown – FL-3
Suzanne Kosmas – FL-24
Sanford Bishop – GA-2
Hank Johnson – GA-4
John Lewis – GA-5
John Barrow – GA-12
David Scott – GA-13
Mazie Hirono – HI-2
Jesse Jackson, Jr. – IL-2
Mike Quigley – IL-5
Danny Davis – IL-7
Janice Schakowsky – IL-9
Deborah Halvorson – IL-11
Phil Hare – IL-17
Peter Visclosky – IN-1
Baron Hill – IN-9
Bruce Braley – IA-1
David Loebsack – IA-2
Leonard Boswell – IA-3
John Yarmuth – KY-3
Ben Chandler – KY-6
Charlie Melancon – LA-3
Chellie Pingree – ME-1
Michael Michaud – ME-2
C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger – MD-2
John Sarbanes – MD-3
Donna Edwards – MD-4
James McGovern – MA-3
John Tierney – MA-6
Bill Delahunt – MA-10
Dale Kildee – MI-5
Mark Schauer – MI-7
Carolyn Kilpatrick – MI-13
John Conyers – MI-14
Timothy Walz – MN-1
Collin Peterson – MN-7
James Oberstar – MN-8
Bennie Thompson – MS-2
William Lacy Clay – MO-1
Shelley Berkley – NV-1
New Hampshire
Carol Shea-Porter – NH-1
New Jersey
John Adler – NJ-3
Bill Pascrell – NJ-8
Steven Rothman – NJ-9
Donald Payne – NJ-10
The following U.S. representatives cosponsored H.R. 1207 but voted against Audit the Fed on a motion to return the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform bill to committee and add back in the thorough Audit.

New Mexico
Martin Heinrich – NM-1
Ben Ray Lujan – NM-3
New York
Timothy Bishop – NY-1
Jerrold Nadler – NY-8
Anthony Weiner – NY-9
Scott Murphy – NY-20
Paul Tonko – NY-21
Maurice Hinchey – NY-22
Michael Arcuri – NY-24
Daniel Maffei – NY-25
Brian Higgins – NY-27
Louise Slaughter – NY-28
North Carolina
Larry Kissell – NC-8
Heath Shuler – NC-11
Brad Miller – NC-13
Steve Driehaus – OH-1
Marcy Kaptur – OH-8
Dennis Kucinich – OH-10
Marcia Fudge – OH-11
Betty Sutton – OH-13
John Boccieri – OH-16
Tim Ryan – OH-17
Dan Boren – OK-2
David Wu – OR-1
Peter DeFazio – OR-4
Kurt Schrader – OR-5
Kathleen Dahlkemper – PA-3
Jason Altmire – PA-4
Patrick Murphy – PA-8
Michael Doyle – PA-14
Tim Holden – PA-17
Rhode Island
James Langevin – RI-2
South Carolina
John Spratt – SC-5
South Dakota
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin – SD
Lincoln Davis – TN-4
Bart Gordon – TN-6
Steve Cohen – TN-9
Ruben Hinojosa – TX-15
Silvestre Reyes – TX-16
Ciro Rodriguez – TX-23
Lloyd Doggett – TX-25
Solomon Ortiz – TX-27
Henry Cuellar – TX-28
Eddie Bernice Johnson – TX-30
Peter Welch – VT
Jay Inslee – WA-1
Brian Baird – WA-3
Jim McDermott – WA-7
Adam Smith – WA-9
Tammy Baldwin – WI-2
Steve Kagen – WI-8
Cosponsors who did not vote:
Don Young
Lynn Woolsey – CA-6
Gene Taylor – MS-4
Zach Wamp – TN-3
Rob Bishop – UT-1
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UPDATE: For those who wrote in they wanted to know party afiliation-
Switched to ‘Nay’ after co-sponsoring H.R.1207

Adler, John (D-N.J.)
Altmire, Jason (D-Pa.)
Arcuri, Michael (D-N.Y.)
Baird, Brian (D-Wash.)
Baldwin, Tammy (D-Wis.)
Barrow, John (D-Ga.)
Berkley, Shelley (D-Nev.)
Berry, Marion (D-Ark.)
Bishop, Sanford (D-Ga.)
Bishop, Timothy (D-N.Y.)
Boccieri, John (D-Ohio)
Boren, Dan (D-Okla.)
Boswell, Leonard L. (D-Iowa)
Boyd, Allen (D-Fla.)
Braley, Bruce (D-Iowa)
Bright, Bobby (D-Ala.)
Brown, Corrine (D-Fla.)
Chandler, Ben (D-Ky.)
Chu, Judy (D-Calif.)
Clay, William Lacy (D-Mo.)
Cohen, Steve (D-Tenn.)
Conyers, John (D-Mich.)
Courtney, Joe (D-Conn.)
Cuellar, Henry (D-Texas)
Dahlkemper, Kathleen (D-Pa.)
Davis, Danny (D-Ill.)
Davis, Lincoln (D-Tenn.)
DeFazio, Peter (D-Ore.)
Delahunt, Bill (D-Mass.)
Doggett, Lloyd (D-Texas)
Doyle, Michael (D-Pa.)
Driehaus, Steve (D-Ohio)
Edwards, Donna (D-Md.)
Farr, Sam (D-Calif.)
Filner, Bob (D-Calif.)
Fudge, Marcia (D-Ohio)
Gordon, Bart (D-Tn.)
Grijalva, Raul (D-Ariz.)
Halvorson, Deborah (D-Ill.)
Hare, Phil (D-Ill.)
Harman, Jane (D-Calif.)
Heinrich, Martin (D-N.M.)
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (D-S.D.)
Higgins, Brian (D-N.Y.)
Hill, Baron (D-Ind.)
Hinchey, Maurice (D-N.Y.)
Hinojosa, Ruben (D-Texas)
Hirono, Mazie (D-Hawaii)
Holden, Tim (D-Pa.)
Inslee, Jay (D-Wash.)
Jackson, Jessie (D-Ill.)
Johnson, Henry (D-Ga.)
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-Texas)
Kagen, Steve (D-Wis.)
Kaptur, Marcy (D-Ohio)
Kildee, Dale (D-Mich.)
Kilpatrick, Carolyn (D-Mich.)
Kissell, Larry (D-N.C.)
Kosmas, Suzanne (D-Fla.)
Kucinich, Dennis (D-Ohio)
Langevin, James (D-R.I.)
Lewis, John (D-Ga.)
Loebsack, David (D-Iowa)
Lofgren, Zoe (D-Calif.)
Luján, Ben Ray (D-N.M.)
Maffei, Daniel (D-N.Y.)
McDermott, Jim (D-Wash.)
McGovern, James (D-Mass.)
Melancon, Charlie (D-La.)
Michaud, Michael (D-Maine)
Miller, Brad (D-N.C.)
Murphy, Christopher (D-Conn.)
Murphy, Scott (D-N.Y.)
Murphy, Patrick (D-Pa.)
Nadler, Jerrold (D-N.Y.)
Oberstar, James (DFL-Minn.)
Ortiz, Solomon (D-Texas)
Pascrell, Bill (D-N.J.)
Pastor, Ed (D-Ariz.)
Payne, Donald (D-N.J.)
Perlmutter, Ed (D-Colo.)
Peterson, Collin (D-Minn.)
Pingree, Chellie (D-Maine)
Polis, Jared (D-Colo.)
Quigley, Mike (D-Ill.)
Reyes, Silvestre (D-Texas)
Richardson, Laura (D-Calif.)
Rodriguez, Ciro (D-Texas)
Rothman, Steven (D-N.J.)
Ruppersberger, C.A. Dutch (D-Md.)
Ryan, Tim (D-Ohio)
Salazar, John T. (D-Colo.)
Sarbanes, John (D-Md.)
Schakowsky, Janice (D-Ill.)
Schauer, Mark (D-Mich.)
Schiff, Adam (D-Calif.)
Schrader, Kurt (D-Ore.)
Scott, David (D-Ga.)
Shea-Porter, Carol (D-N.H.)
Sherman, Brad (D-Calif.)
Shuler, Heath (D-N.C.)
Slaughter, Louise McIntosh (D-N.Y.)
Smith, Adam (D-Wash.)
Snyder, Vic (D-Ark.)
Speier, Jackie (D-Calif.)
Spratt, John (D-S.C.)
Stark, Fortney Pete (D-Calif.)
Sutton, Betty (D-Ohio)
Thompson, Bennie (D-Miss.)
Tierney, John (D-Mass.)
Tonko, Paul (D-N.Y.)
Visclosky, Peter (D-Ind.)
Walz, Timothy (DFL-Minn.)
Weiner, Anthony (D-N.Y.)
Welch, Peter (D-Vt.)
Wu, David (D-Ore.)
Yarmuth, John (D-Ky.)

Not voting

Bishop, Rob (R-Utah)
Taylor, Gene (D-Miss.)
Wamp, Zach (R-Tenn.)
Woolsey, Lynn (D-Calif)
Young, Don (R-Alaska)

Andrew Nappi is the State Coordinator for the Florida Tenth Amendment Center. He lives in the Tampa Bay Area with wife Tammy and dogs Emma and Bud Lite.

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9 Responses to “HR 1207 Hall of Shame”

  1. tim gallien says:

    There are no parties
    It is all a show for the public
    A fallacy of choice
    The puppet masters in corporations and banks cant have hr 1207, but their minions must co-sponsor for political points
    co-sponsoring does not equal a vote

  2. Rich says:

    Why don't you actually look into the record of the individual and not worry about what party they are with? It is the laziness of party politics that leads to us getting the dolts that we end up with.
    We truly get the government we deserve, when we can't take the time to look into what the individuals we vote for – stand for.
    Both the Republicans and Democrats are beholden to Big Business and Big Government. Its time to ban party politics and get back to the beliefs of one good man. He can be as conservative, or liberal as his constituency will select – But his constituency will know him for his record, if you aren't just voting along party lines.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I agree with John. Please publish the list with the party affiliation included for every state….However, we must keep in mind that the Progressives have infiltrated EVERY political party. Therefore, a voter cannot assume that they can safely vote down party lines. We must know the candidate….we must do our homework and discover who is ultra liberal (The Progressive) and who is Conservative following the Constitution of our beloved country, A NATION UNDER GOD! What has to happen in this country before the crazies wake up and demand that this President and his appointees MUST GO! Take a long look at the destruction the PREARRANGED oil spill caused…..If Goldman Sachs, the CEO of BP and others sold their shares of BP stock a few days before the spill…..what do you really think caused the explosion? If you or I created this mess, we would be thrown in jail for good or more likely, we would be hung in the town square as a lesson for everyone else. Why are the Supreme Court Justices wearing a blind eye? Are they bought and paid for, too!

  4. JOHN says:


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  7. Askew Robbinson says:

    Another of many sad sad sad days we cfontinually encounter in the United States, thanks to a political system which has already been bought andpaid for……freedom is far gone my friends

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