States Cannot Push Back and Beg At the Same Time

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States must decide to get serious or not when it comes to restoring federalism. ……………
July 28,2010

Arizona, as with my home state of Florida presents two faces to the central government. One is of alleged  independence, and the other is that of grant seeker or more specifically,  supplicant seeking funding. Right now, both Florida and Arizona are finalists for the second round of “Race to the Top” educational funds from the central government. This money is from the ARRA slush fund. It is not “free” although it is promoted as a grant.

As with all central government programs, it comes with strings….these can be found at: To The Top   Federal Control of Education On Steroids.

Truly, Arizona’s  immigration fight is no small matter and certainly not for the faint of heart populating most state legislatures with the exception of perhaps Arizona, Texas,  Oklahoma,Utah and Virginia.  God bless Arizona with final victory please. Whether or not their legislation is an ideal  template for Florida is another matter  regardless of  Rick Scott’s opinion.

To attain real independence, all of our states  have to get serious with long term planning such as escrow tax accounts to starve the beast, and get their financial houses in order to become independent of  the the central government “join or be beaten” funds allocation scheme.

We will never have state sovereignty without state solvency. When the emotionalism of this election cycle is over, central government over reach will still be growing and illegal immigration will still be being fought over by the two major pandering parties.  We will still be facing the beast with one hand on the  sword hilt and one hand holding the beggars cup.

Those of us who are committed to state sovereignty and the restoration of the Founder’s federalism should remember this before we elect one more “same old, same old” establishment “conservative” to the state House or Senate.  The time for pretense is over. We can no longer  look the other way pretending there is no difference between political expediency and the courage of convictions.

Andrew Nappi is the State Coordinator for the Florida Tenth Amendment Center. He lives in the Tampa Bay Area with wife Tammy and dogs Emma and Bud Lite.

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