Health Care Freedom Act Introduced in South Carolina

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Written By Michael Boldin

Cross Posted from Tenth Amendment Center by Andrew Nappi, FL TAC State Director

“…That’s it – so far. You’ll notice that while a step in the right direction, they all address just the mandated coverage of health care, and none go to the core issue – that the federal government is not authorized by the constitution to be in the health care business. period. A good start for South Carolina, nonetheless. We hope to see a courageous legislator in S.C. take up the banner of the Federal Health Care Nullification Act, as has already been done in Texas…”

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FL TAC Note: We hope to see a courageous legislator take up the TAC Federal Health Care Nullification Act in Florida. The Florida Health Care Freedom Act is a step in the right direction to be sure. We applaud its authors and supporters. The shortcoming with this however is that it is two years away since it is a ballot initiative and must receive a sixty per cent voter approval to become part of the state’s constitution. TAC legislation is ready to go now, and with a veto proof legislature can be enacted in the coming March session.  Any general government venture into universal health care is unconstitutional regardless of participation options. If Florida wants freedom from general government imposed universal healthcare, the remedy is here and ready to go. No waiting, no courts, no permission needed.

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