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Paul Henry Refutes Police Pro RED LIGHT Camera Testimony at Trans Committee Hearing in Tallahassee

 Posted By FLTAC Written By Paul Henry Today the Florida Senate’s Transportation Committee heard Senator Garcia’s  SB 672, the bill to ban red light cameras. The room was packed with citizens and members of various law enforcement agencies and local political people.  After Senator Garcia introduced it, there was some discussion among the   Senators regarding it. […]

A Retired Cop's Take On RED LIGHT Cameras Part One

Posted by Andrew Nappi, FLTAC State Director Lengthy Article BUT Well worth staying with in the name of LIBERTY! Written by Paul Henry I’ll warn any short attention span readers up front: this is going to be a lengthy post. I’ve spent several days compiling data on this issue. My MS-Word data document is now […]

Obama’s Libyan Operations are Unconstitutional

by Rob Natelson You can sympathize with the humanitarian motives of our Libyan intervention while still doubting its constitutionality. The Constitution prescribes the rules about how the United States is to enter a war, and the Obama administration has violated those rules. The administration argues that the hostilities, because limited, do not rise to the level […]

Why Are ObamaEd Stimulus Dollars Any Better Than ObamaRail Stimulus Dollars? Governor and Legislature Accepting 700 Million in Race To The Top Obama Ed Funds

Florida governor Rick Scott took a stand, refusing to accept what he calls Obamarail money, but it appears the same principles are not being applied to ObamaEd money. Scott seems all too willing to accept ObamaEd money. Conservatives hail SB736, known popularly as the “Teacher Merit Pay” bill, as a great victory for taxpayers and school […]

Radio: Mike Slater interviews Michael Boldin on war powers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Mike and Michael talk about the power to declare vs the power to wage war, the war powers act of 1973, Obama’s unconstitutional military adventures in Libya, and the founder’s view on war power. Mike Slater is host of the Mike Slater Show airing weekday mornings from 6-9am […]

Feds may act if Florida stalls on health-reform law

Posted by Andrew Nappi, State Director, FLTAC “Meanwhile, provisions are gradually kicking in, and other states are tapping federal grants designed to help consumers, prevent fraud, develop the health-care work force and prepare for the insurance exchanges. “You can play catch-up, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets,” said Alan Weil, executive director […]

State Sovereignty Legislation Lacking in This Year's Florida Legislative Session

Will LIBERTY be stronger at the end of this year’s legislative session? by Florida Tenth Amendment Center on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 8:15pm The latest feedback we have on real LIBERTY legislation, that is legislation with the force of law particular to state sovereignty is that there will be very little successful activity in this […]

REAL ID SNAFU:WW2 Vet Discovers He's Not a U.S. Citizen

By Liz Goodwin– Thu Mar 24, 10:39 am ET Ninety-five-year-old Leeland Davidson discovered recently that he’s not considered a U.S. citizen, despite living nearly 100 years in the country and serving in the U.S. Navy during WWII. Davidson, from Centralia, Washington, told KOMO News that he discovered he wasn’t a U.S. citizen when he was turned down for an enhanced […]

Allen West: Tea Party Statist

Cross Posted from Tenth Amendment Center Written by Laurence M. Vance As a black conservative and Republican, Allen West is not your typical Tea Party member. West rode the Tea Party wave all the way to the U.S. House last November from Florida’s 22nd congressional district. He is the first black Republican to represent Florida […]

Protesters and Nullify Now Meet in The Street

Nullify Now organizers and speakers talk with protesters outside of New Hampshire event.

Sheriff Mack: Nullify we Must, and Nullify we Will!

Nullification: Answering the Objections

by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. EDITOR’S NOTE:  Tom Woods will be a featured speaker at upcoming Nullify Now! tour stops in Cincinnati, New Hampshire, Austin, and Los Angeles..   Get your tickets at or by calling 888-71-TICKETS ******* In January 2011 my book Nullification became notorious when it was linked to a bill that declared […]

Review of Tom Woods' New Book "Rollback"

Written by Jack Kenny    Friday, 11 March 2011 00:00   Originally published at 0 The destruction of the American Republic will not come at the hands of terrorists nor, in all likelihood, from any nation or coalition of nations arrayed against us. It will be done by us, and we are making great progress […]

First Amendment Decision Unrelated to the First Amendment

by Robert G. Natelson Commentators and journalists sometimes describe the current U.S. Supreme Court as “conservative.”  But that’s not true if your definition of a conservative justice is a traditional or “originalist” jurist—that is, one who applies the Constitution as the American people understood it when they adopted it. Consider, for example, the Court’s latest […]

Traitors to the American Revolution

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo by This article appears originally at  J. DiL The American Revolution was waged against a highly centralized, nationalistic governmental tyranny run by a king, namely, the British Empire. The king enriched himself and his regime through the economic institution of mercantilism, defined by Murray Rothbard as “a system of statism which […]

Health Care Freedom Act Lagging In Florida House

                              HJR1- House Version of Health Care Freedom Not On Health & Human Services Quality Subcommittee meeting schedule as of yet….Contact House Speaker Dean Cannon at: and Rep. John Wood (info below) and ask them to get this bill heard and to the floor for a vote. If your representative is a member of this committee […]

Florida asks feds for waiver from federal health care reform law

Posted by Andrew Nappi, FLTAC State Director Florida now has three approaches to dealing with Mr. Obama’s national health care plan. One is the courts via a lawsuit brought by form AG Bill McCollum and continued by AG Pam Bondi. The second is a possible constitutional amendment to be voted on in 2012. This will […]

General Misunderstandings

by Michael Maharrey  and reposted from Tenth Amendment Center Paul Abrams trotted out one of the favorite progressive arguments for virtually unlimited federal power in a March 9  Huffington Post article. The good ole’ “general welfare” clause. Abrams brings quite an academic pedigree to the party. Yale educated, summa cum laude, multiple advanced degrees…which goes […]

Florida Intrastate Commerce Act May Be Dead on Arrival

Posted by Andrew Nappi, FLTAC State Director        Senator Greg Evers’ Intrastate Commerce Act, Senate Bill 1478, utilizing the Tenth Amendment Center’s Intrastate Commerce Act legislative template may be dead on arrival.        No sponsor in the House could be found for this very comprehensive protection of all goods and services created, sold and used […]

HJR 1103 – Sovereignty of the State- Now In Federal Affairs Subcommittee

Posted by Andrew Nappi, FLTAC State Director The effort to lessen the tyrannical imposition of unconstitutional mandates took another step in the legislative process. HJR1103, the Sovereignty of the State bill is now in the House Subcommittee on Federal Affairs.                                                      House Joint Resolution “A joint resolution proposing the creation of Section 28 of Article […]

Florida Senate Passes Health Care Freedom Act

Posted By Andrew Nappi, FLTAC State Director Florida Senate presidents seldom sponsor legislation. This session, Senate President Mike Haridopolis not only sponsored The Florida Freedom Health Care Act, he delivered it early as promised- on the second day of this years legislative session. The Health Care Freedom Act when passed by the Florida House will […]

GAO Finds "Few Rules Trigger Unfunded Mandates Reform Act"

Posted By Andrew Nappi, FLTAC State Director   The Unfunded Mandate Reform Act became law and was signed by President Bill Clintion on May 22,1995. According to GovtrackUS, a service of Congress, the intent of the law is: “A bill to curb the practice of imposing unfunded Federal mandates on States and local governments; to […]

Intrastate Commerce Act Advancing in Florida

Written by: Jamie Davis The Florida Tenth Amendment Center and Florida Campaign for Liberty are pleased to announce that the Intrastate Commerce Act has secured a sponsor in the Senate and was filed on March 1, 2011 by Senator Greg Evers. The legislation will help Florida adhere to the separation of powers called for under […]

Sovereignty of The State Bill Takes Aim at Federal Mandates

Posted Friday, March 4,2011                                                             Last year’s HJR 679 is back  Last year, then Representative  and now Lt. Governor of Florida Jennifer Carroll authored HJR 679,  titled “Sovereignty of the State.” This bill, intended to be added to the State Constitution via ballot initiative did not survive the 2010 legislative session.  It was however, […]