When the Bill of Rights is Gone, Will You Feel Safer Because Republicans Helped Eliminate It?

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The Truth RE NDAA and SOPA

We have tried to warn people about this weakening of the Bill of Rights for some time now. Unbelievably, many people are being taken in by what Rep. Justin Amash calls “misstatements” or “misapprehending” on the part of their Congressional reps who are now feeling the heat. To quote Rep. Amash:

“As Members of Congress take heat for having voted to grant the President new authority to indefinitely detain Americans on American soil without charge or trial, many Members are citing the NDAA’s language as “proof” that Americans are not at risk. A few of them are intending to mislead you, but most simply misapprehend the bill.
Here’s one prominent example:
http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=w5KJPm2b-v8. My attached Note responds directly to the most common false assertions, such as those in the attached video, made in defense of the NDAA.”

Who is this prominent example? Why it’s Allen West. Mr. West by the way declared a challenge to anyone who could show NDAA was dangerous to Americans. He declined Krissanne Hall’s acceptance of that challenge. You can find this in her Twitter Feed.

Dave Nalle,RLC Chairman frames this issue in very easy to grasp
terms.Nalle writes:
“What is clear from reading all of this analysis of the bill is that although the final revision successfully muddied the waters, it did not fix the basic concerns with military detention of US citizens. That the government believed they already had the power before the passage of the NDAA does not excuse the authors of the bill from responsibility for formally codifying this practice. What is also quite clear is that the reassuring letters from Congressmen are widely off-base, as nothing in the NDAA does anything to protect the rights of citizens.” He goes on:

“It does to some degree reframe the debate, however. The argument is now much more basic, between those who believe that the NDAA should have been used as an opportunity to prohibit military detention and protect the rights of citizens, and those – like most members of Congress – who seem perfectly comfortable with giving the president the power to suspend foundational legal principles like Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus when even a hint of association with terrorism is
involved.”   – http://www.fontcraft.com/liberty/?p=48850

Tenth Amendment Center also has an excellent simple analysis of NDAA by Downsize DC’s Jim Babka. You can read or listen to it here: http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/2012/01/04/ndaa-open-season-for-the-police-state/

Internet Censorship

Nalle also bulls eyed the internet freedom threat on the horizon:
“The amazing freedom to innovate and to engage in entrepreneurial creativity which the internet has empowered is genuinely under threat from the proliferation of this kind of legislation. As the United States has lost the lead in traditional manufacturing, we have seen most of our growth in the online business sector. This is where the jobs of the new millenium are and it is where most of the hope for economic recovery lies. PROTCT IP and SOPA (its companion bill in the House) will have a chilling effect on this increasingly important sector of the economy and lead to wholesale violations of the privacy rights of individuals and businesses. It’s another bad idea from a government which has become too big and too eager to interfere in every aspect of our lives.”-http://www.rlc.org/2012/01/04/the-attack-on-internet-freedom-begins/

HB 3261 or SOPA is complemented in the Senate with SB968, The Protect IP Act. This has provided Senators with cover to say they don’t support “the SOPA bill.” However, dozens of law professors have also claimed the original PROTECT IP Act, which contains most of the same ideas, is unconstitutional. But the drumbeat for some sort of censorship is growing louder, and both of Florida’s senators,Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio support this censorship. In the simplest of terms, the US government seeks to implement a similar internet censorship system as the Red Chinese.


The FLORIDA Tenth Amendment Center could care a twitter less about either political party. We will not carry water for the GOP or anyone simply because they are not Democrats. It is disappointing to see so many Floridians granting Florida’s Washington D.C. delegation a free pass on anti LIBERTY bills just because they feel anything is better than a democrat in office.
When the Bill of Rights is gone, will you feel better about it because a Republican helped take it away?
This is the position many of our citizens are unwittingly arguing from in defending Senator Rubio, Congressman West and all of Florida’s delegation except Bill Posey, Connie Mack and Alcee Hastings from their complicit participation in eroding our LIBERTY with the passage of NDAA.
These latest assaults on our LIBERTY have been bi partisan- The Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA/IPA…..


If you ARE NOT confronting TYRANNY, you are ENABLING TYRANNY.
It is the agendas of both political parties as they circumvent the constitution that has put us in this situation. Don’t be fooled that either one has your best interests in mind. The record does not bear this out. Ask yourself this: Why would people like Allen West and Marco Rubio, who ran as “anti Obama” candidates, vote to give him such broad dictatorial power of arrest and detention? They either approve of him having this or they didn’t read the bill beyond the summary. In either case they have forfeited through ignorance or complicitness, their right to serve their constituents in favor of legislation to subjugate their constituents. The same goes for EVERY member of our Florida delegation who voted for NDAA, and who now support internet censorship.
Our position is simple: The Constitution, Every Issue, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses. This is the yardstick against which we measure people’s actions, whether they’re “our guy” or not.


In Liberty,
Andrew Nappi
State Director
Florida Tenth Amendment Center
727 815 5440

Andrew Nappi is the State Coordinator for the Florida Tenth Amendment Center. He lives in the Tampa Bay Area with wife Tammy and dogs Emma and Bud Lite.

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