Peter D. Richter “Our Children Do Not Have to bow in slavery”

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Peter D. Richter, Candidate for Florida State Rep. District #106 (Naples/Marco) announces opposition to indefinite detention of U.S. Citizens and NDAA 2012

If you want to know what can be done to END NDAA arrest and indefinite detention provisions in Florida, go to :

To see Krisanne Hall’s presentation on NDAA go here:


Naples, FL – Peter D. Richter is taking a stand for liberty so that our children do not have to bow in slavery.  The National Defense Authorization Act (“NDAA”) passed by a Republican controlled House, a Democrat controlled Senate, and signed into law in the wee hours of the night on New Year’s Eve by Democrat Barack Obama, is a massive expansion of government scope and power that directly violates 900 years of legal precedence by suspending habeas corpus, one’s protection against unlawful detention.  No government should ever be granted power over its people so complete that basic and fundamental rights are dismissed with the stroke of a pen.  Rights cannot be dismissed by governments; they are endowed by our Creator, not our government.

On April 19th, 2012, Peter was privileged to have attended a presentation in Naples given by a constitutional lawyer, KrisAnne Hall.  Her exceptional understanding of the law crystalized Peter’s understanding of NDAA and how it violates so many rights. Mrs. Hall proved beyond a reasonable doubt that this bill does apply to “any person” including U.S. Citizens.  Peter Richter issued a challenge today to watch her video linked from his website,, and to try and find fault in her legal or logical arguments.

NDAA allows for “detention under the law of war without trial until the end of thehostilities” and “transfer for trial by an alternative court or competent tribunal” of “any citizen” deemed to be “hostile” towards the US Government or its allies.

Peter D. Richter is a Libertarian candidate for Florida State Representative, district #106 (Formerly #76).  Peter and his wife and two children are full time residents of Naples.  In addition to his run for office, he is also the owner of an Information Technology consulting business.


Press Release available in PDF –

Contact Information:

Campaign to Elect Peter Richter Peter D. Richter 239.206.1939

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