Basic Logic for Tenthers

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Cross posted from the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center.


As I have noted in earlier articles, my background is in mathematics and in Information Technology. To put it colloquially, I’m a geek. Before starting with the Tenth Amendment Center, getting involved in politics was just about the last thing I would have ever imagined myself doing. I would very much prefer to let the political scientists and the lawyers handle government, while I stay locked in the basement office with my pot of coffee and my ones and zeros.

But here’s the thing….

The lawyers who have been running the show over past decades have made a mess of things. A big, awful, nasty, mess. If some of us don’t get out of our comfort zones and do things we weren’t really prepared for or expecting to do, the freedom and prosperity from America’s past will just be a history lesson for our children.

As I noted in When Commerce is not Commerce, these clowns have been telling us for seventy years that an activity is subject to regulation as interstate commerce even when it is neither commerce nor interstate. The logic of this claim is farcical on its face. If the power to regulate wheat grown on a farmer’s own property falls under commerce “among the several states”, then surely the power to regulate wheat in Australia falls under commerce “with foreign Nations”. Is it absurd to claim that the Congress has authority to regulate wheat grown and used in Australia? Yes, but no more so than to claim authority over wheat grown and consumed on a farmer’s property in Pennsylvania.

In June, they took it a step further (more…)

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