A Basic Civics Lesson for Pseudo-Historians

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i-will-learn-my-lessonI need a civics lesson.

This according to the keepers of acceptable opinion at two divergent publications.

Both The Economist and the Montgomery Advertiser recently ran opinion pieces skewering nullification, specifically state efforts to block unconstitutional federal gun laws in Kansas and Alabama. Interestingly, both the author of  The Economist piece and the editorial bored over at the Alabama newspaper used the same strategy. They both try to make their readers believe anybody who actually views nullification as legitimate must not be too bright. Their implication? “The federal government enjoys absolute supremacy and  a bunch of dumb racist, rednecks who don’t know anything about the U.S. government want states to ignore laws they don’t happen to like.”

From the Economist: “It is remarkable that a civics lesson like this is necessary.”

The Montgomery Advertiser editorial board gets even snarkier.

“That body (the Alabama Senate) has taken a plunge into the past by revisiting and embracing the long-discredited practice of nullification, the notion — abandoned decades ago by most people who passed sixth-grade civics.”

Talk about groupthink. (more…)

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