Why YOU Should Attend Nullify Now Raleigh, North Carolina

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I have two initial recommendations for you.

  1. Get your tickets for Nullify Now Raleigh, North Carolina now while they are still available.
  2. Bring something to write with; paper, pencil, tablet—whatever.


You will want to take heed of the wise old saying “the palest ink is superior to the sharpest memory.”

I promise you, you WILL learn more history, constitutional law and activist tools at Nullify Now Raleigh, North Carolina than you can commit to memory. You may be wondering how I can make this prediction.  Allow me to explain.

As the state coordinator for the Florida Tenth Amendment Center, along with Outreach Director Francisco Rodriguez, I have helped produce and host two Nullify Now events in Florida. The first NN was the second ever of the tour. It was held on 10/10/10 just outside Orlando at the Champions Gate Golf Resort. A more fitting date could not be imagined for a Tenth Amendment Center event. The second was held on October 22, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. Both of these events had profound influence on the liberty movement in Florida. These were the first large scale information events that addressed Jefferson’s rightful remedy in the Sunshine State. Prior to these events, talk of nullification was far and in between.

While our first event was more of a rally in nature, there are presentations from that event that I still remember as if it was yesterday, and so too the information these imparted.

Greg Giordano, chief legislative aide for one of our state senators gave a presentation on how bills become law. Basic information that is still not as well known or understood as it should be by activists. Knowing the rules of the playing field in your state capital is a must for successful legislative advocacy. Francisco Rodriguez gave a presentation on organizing locally by state House and Senate districts and zip code to maximize information and action as quickly as possible when needed. The concept behind this presentation went on to become a popular activist handbook called The Neighborhood Project; a collaborative effort by Francisco, Alex Snitker and Danielle Alexandre.

In Jacksonville, legendary Austin Texas local activist and founder of Texans for Accountable Government John Bush presented a motivating action oriented tool kit for dealing with local government and their experiments with Agenda 21.

It was in Jacksonville I first met TAC’s national communication’s director Mike Maharrey and heard his recounting of how nullification was used to protect runaway slave Joshua Glover and neutralize the federal Fugitive Slave Acts in 1850’s Wisconsin.

These presentations were not just interesting; they were and remain useful items in the citizen’s tool box to restore liberty. Yes, there were some more widely known and acclaimed speakers…but while I know they were excellent too; it’s the bread and butter, nuts and bolts presentations that have stayed with me.

Nullify Now Raleigh, North Carolina, the first of the new generation Nullify Now events, promises to be superior to all that have gone before.  As someone with some experience at this I say this to you with great confidence. Why?

Look at the preliminary itinerary: 1. The Constitutional history of Nullification.

2. How Nullification was used in early American history - against attacks on freedom of speech and more.

3. Nullification vs Slavery. The mainstream wants you to believe that Nullification was used to support slavery. This is either ignorance or a lie. Hear the heroic story of nullification being used to reject federal slave laws in the 1850s.

4. How Nullification is being used today. right now, across the country, dozens of states are implementing nullification bills.

5. About Nullification as a Tool for Protecting Liberty. Nullification is a powerful tool to protect your right to keep and bear arms, stop “indefinite detention,” protect your health freedom – and more. You’ll learn about model legislation that can be used on a state OR local level – and effective methods to get nullification bills passed.

6. What YOU can do right now – you won’t leave Nullify Now! with just a bunch of great information. You’ll also be provided with a practical, actionable plan to do something today. The time to act is now, not next year and not next week. Today, not tomorrow, now.

Since the original Nullify Now tour, dozens of states have advanced nullification legislation. Just as importantly, local governments are also using interposition to take a stand against growing federal interference with our liberties. For all intents and purposes the advancement in nullification awareness today and its growing usage are as different from the not too long ago time of our Florida events as an old Magnavox bubble tube television is from today’s internet ready high tech plasma TVs.

Nullify Now Raleigh, North Carolina promises to be so much more than just an ordinary rally or predictable line up of speakers. You will learn how to make nullification work in your state, county and township. You will learn what others around the country are doing, how they made it work, and how you can do the same. You will also learn how to use arguments based on real Constitutional, legal and political history to refute the never ending stream of accusations and smears aimed at nullification and those of us who oppose unconstitutional federal actions.

I promise you will not be disappointed with your Nullify Now Raleigh, North Carolina participation and experience. Don’t take the chance of not attending only to learn you missed the Tarheel state’s premier activism event. For the base ticket price of ten bucks, feeling bad is not worth the risk. I promise.

Nullify Now Raleigh, North Carolina Sat. Oct 19, 2013 9:00am – 8:00pm EDT

Go, Enjoy, Learn, Make A Difference!

Andrew Nappi is the State Coordinator for the Florida Tenth Amendment Center. He lives in the Tampa Bay Area with wife Tammy and dogs Emma and Bud Lite.

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