The Next Step, Beyond Tony Bennett’s Resignation, To Stop Common Core in Florida

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Written By Francisco Rodriguez, Theile Riordan and Andrew Nappi


Rick Scott: No Common Core Advocates!

Gun rights initiatives are always a favorite with freedom loving Floridians. Still, our campaign to Demand Tony Bennett’s Resignation as Education Commissioner created more interest and galvanized more people in a united effort than even our Second Amendment Preservation Act initiative.

In the space of forty eight hours and on short notice, our E-Action Alert channeled thousands of emails to Rick Scott with copies to senate president Don Gaetz, House Speaker Will Weatherford and the sender’s individual state legislators.  In fact, our follow up email asking our readers and friends to keep up the pressure went out just minutes ahead of Bennett’s resignation announcement.

We want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in sending and sharing these demand messages. This result  also serves as a “teachable moment” for us- we can effect change even when it concerns  non-elected functionaries, unaccountable to the voters . This should also serve as a lesson to those including Rick Scott who ARE ACCOUNTABLE to the voters.  There is in fact, no reason why this position should not be an elected office as it once was in Florida.

With Bennett now gone, the question and we dare say the danger, facing us is who will be chosen to replace him? It’s  no secret the governor, the Board of Education and the legislature are supporters of Common Core. The likelihood is very strong that the short list of Rick Scott’s candidates will also be supporters of Race to the Top funding and  Common Core initiatives. In short, we must assume that all interviewees for the job of Education Commissioner will be devotees of unlawful federal intrusion into the state’s constitutionally reserved sovereign powers in the area of education.

The Florida Tenth Amendment Center recommends a proactive approach to influencing the choice of Florida’s next Commissioner of Education.

For starters, we urge that professional educators in the liberty movement who oppose Common Core assemble their own list of candidates and petition the governor to interview these individuals. We also encourage these same grassroots member professionals  to publicly vet all applicants received by the governor’s office,including  a simple litmus test: Does this person support the implementation of Common Core? Yes or No.

We also encourage citizens to request under the public information laws,  from the governor’s office, any written criteria, particularly the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities requirements required of candidates for this position at the time of Bennett’s selection. We have a right to know exactly what the governor’s criteria are for a successful candidate;and what the governor’s expectations are from the education commissioner. If that expectation includes the implementation of Common  Core standards, then we know we should also be shopping a new chief executive. You can makes requests by clicking:

Florida Tenth Amendment Center  has the following letter to Rick Scott action step we encourage each and every citizen, activist and group member to execute. The link to automatically send this letter can be found at – A copy of the letter follows.

Dear Governor Scott;

With the recent resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett, it is imperative to make sure the next Commissioner is fully capable of steering the ship for Florida’s Education plans—- rather than Washington DC’s. In order to ensure the selection process goes effectively, it is your duty to consider the following criteria for candidates being vetted for the position of Commissioner:

  • Must support the Constitution of the United States
  • Will not permit or enforce federal programs in Florida schools
  • Will immediately begin dismantling initiatives in education that comply with federal requirements
  • Will protect the use of state resources by refusing to comply with federal laws in the future

The 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution reserves all powers related to education to the states. As Governor, your oath and obligation to that Constitution including the powers reserved by the States requires you to choose an Education Commissioner who will also uphold the Tenth Amendment. Our next Education Commissioner must not succumb to, or advocate for Washington’s attempts to tell Floridians how to educate their children under any circumstances. The people of Florida must be assured that the next Commissioner of Education does not yield to federal pressure but instead is a buffer against that pressure for our children.

As the state’s chief executive it is your responsibility, and our expectation of you to make the right choice.

The link to send this letter to Rick Scott is

Tony Bennett’s resignation should be a lesson to all of us. When we come together in uncompromising unity we cannot be defeated. Be it firearms freedom, health freedom or food freedom, IF we want the federal government out of our business, and a short leash on our state and local governments, it is UP TO US…and WE ARE UP TO THE TASK.

If you haven’t already joined us in the effort to restore liberty and government to the people of Florida, there is no time like the present.

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